Get Physical is Sheffield’s premier personal training, health, fitness and weight loss service. We each have over 30 years of experience in the health & fitness industry and we will use all of that knowledge to design a completely bespoke package of both nutrition and exercise to get you into the shape you’ve always wanted.

We are not open to the general public; nor do we allow any other personal trainers to share our fully equipped training facility, so every session is by appointment and in complete privacy with no one watching, no waiting for equipment – just our undivided attention to ensure you get all the advice, motivation and 1-1 training that you need.

We offer a wide range of training & nutritional packages for everyone. From simple eating plans and programme overhauls, right through to a ‘celebrity style’ complete lifestyle, diet and training service to really get you in shape in the shortest time possible.

It really is down to you to determine just what you want or need from us and to help you make that decision we always offer a FREE CONSULTATION or TASTER SESSION. 


‘Get Physical’ is more than just a gym, it’s a representation of our life-long philosophy: a set of ideals based around the core principles of efficiency, honesty and integrity.

We don’t pull punches or offer empty promises; there are no quick-fixes, magic pills or beach bodies in just six days!  There is only hard work, determination and usually some sacrifice, but neither do we believe in inflicting unnecessary pain or deprivation just for the sake of it – a good exercise and nutrition plan should not become a ‘near-death’ experience!

Our job is to determine not how much you need to do, BUT HOW LITTLE!  and use all of our experience and knowledge to plan the simplest and the most stress-free path to get you to your goals.

“If you want something very different from the usual fitness blah, superficial gym bunnies and the cheating low-fat, low-cal, high sugar dissatisfaction, I would thoroughly recommend them” – Sally T. …(read more)  

Don’t forget,if you want a FREE CONSULTATION / TASTER SESSION or to discuss any of our services, call us on 0114 266 6433 or email via the contact page.

Paul & Ann

Elite Fitness, Health & Nutrition