We’ve spent our entire lives in the health & fitness industry in one way or another.  It adds up to about 75 combined years in total and well over one hundred thousand of hours of training, teaching and studying. We joke that our kit-bags have spent more hours in the gym than most people.

Over the last four decades we’ve seen many changes in our industry. Some trends have been good, some not so good and others simply stupid but nevertheless, the basics are still the same – a good diet plan shouldn’t mean complete deprivation and exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be a vomit-inducing near death experience!!  Our aim is to make you feel better about life, not worse.  Otherwise, how are you expected to make progress doing something that you don’t enjoy?

Although we are now both well into middle age, we still train hard and maintain low body fat levels.  People therefore assume that we live a life of abstinence and sacrifice – nope, we generally train for a few hours per week and not only do we enjoy a beer, we’re rather fond of the occasional bacon sandwich!   During the week we’re strict about what we eat, drink and how we train, and then we have the weekend off.

It’s about finding the right balance and quality of life. We’ve found ours, let us help you to find yours.

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