Dump the Diets

Dump the Diets by Paul Lonsdale & Ann Hirst
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The true test of a successful weight loss plan is not measured in days, weeks, months or years but in a lifetime.

Once it’s off, it’s got to stay off.

Dump the Diets, Ditch the Scales, Drop the Inches’ passes this test.

It has its foundations laid resolutely in logic and science but its unarguable success is built solidly from years of experience and achievement in the ‘real world’.

Lifelong personal trainers and nutritionists, Paul Lonsdale and Ann Hirst, have spent the last 30 years successfully helping their clients to attain the shape they were looking for, and more importantly, to keep it as well.

Their unique outlook will lay waste to many of the myths, magic tricks and misconceptions of the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and show you that it’s not how much you need to do but how little!

Using simple lessons from humanity’s early evolution, mixing them with indisputable bits of physiology, then adding a liberal sprinkling of common sense and finally topping it all off with a dash of humour, their brand new book brings all of their knowledge and experience together into one complete volume.

It covers everything from easy to understand dietary and nutritional advice, right through to simple meal planning and highly effective exercise programmes. It doesn’t pull punches and fearlessly challenges much of the conventional thinking about weight loss, and ultimately, it will change both your life and the way you think about losing weight forever.

Very simply, it will teach your head the ‘stuff’ that your body has always known!

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