With this really neat trick, you can burn an entire day’s worth of calories in just a few minutes.  All you need is a 500g packet of milk chocolate digestive biscuits (a 400g packet will do if you’re female), pour on some petrol and then light with a match!!  Hey Presto – an entire day’s worth of calories for an average man gone up in flames in just a few minutes.5809406427_a96a21cfd5

(A 500g packet of milk chocolate digestives is about 2,500 k/cals – the daily amount for a man – and a 400g packet is about 2,000 k/cals; approx the amount required by a woman)

Okay, we’re having a laugh but as it’s now January, and the start of the silly season for daft diets and ludicrous fat-loss supplements, we though we’d offer something just as stupid.  Actually, the headline was just to grab your attention but the true objective of this New Year post, is however, to give you pause to think about some of the claims made by many of the companies that crawl out of the woodwork, proffering their weight-loss wonder plans, potions, creams and tablets and we’re going to let you into a little secret that instantly lays waste to the false-dreams these cowboys peddle.

If you’ve read our book, Dump the Diets, Ditch the Scales, Drop the Inches, you’ll know that you can’t just melt, sweat, pee, poo or otherwise remove fat from your body without surgical intervention and the only way you can remove it naturally is to burn it off.  This is done via increased activity, exercise and/or creating a calorie deficit through your diet (applying all three is always the best option).

But what does this have to do with dodgy diet claims?  Well, if you set fire the aforementioned biscuits then one thing you would immediately notice is the heat that is given off by the fire.  Likewise when you burn stored body fat you also increase your body temperature by producing more heat, which then has to be dispersed via your normal body temperature control mechanism by pushing the extra heat towards the skin where it can then evaporate into the air.  If the extra heat is more than you can normally cope with, then you will start to sweat because perspiration cools the skin, allowing quicker evaporation.  If the extra heat becomes more than your perspiration can handle, then you will start to feel dizzy, unwell and eventually pass out.   If your body temperature rises as little as four degrees above normal for any length of time, you will very likely die!!

This rarely happens under normal circumstances (illnesses not withstanding) but anyone who’s done an hour’s aerobics or gone for a jog around the park will know just how hot and sweaty they get and yet, in reality, they may have only burnt a couple of hundred more calories than they would have if they had been doing the housework and about 400 calories more than if they’d been sat watching the Telly for an hour!*  So it doesn’t take much of a rise in body temperature to make you sweat and it’s this vital piece of information that brings us to our little secret:

If the fat burning supplements worked as well as they claimed, then the extra fat that you are ‘miraculously’ burning off would raise your body temperature to such a degree that you would be sweating like a pig all day.  And if you’re not hot and sweaty THEN YOU’RE NOT BURNING MANY MORE CALORIES – END OF!!

tumblr_inline_mqwti1Zv6T1qz4rgpWe’re not going to say that some fat extra calories will be used up because some of the fat-loss supplements will increase your metabolic rate, but it will be no more than your body can cope with, so the total difference it would make would like trying to raise sea levels by having a pee off the end of a pier!  Many of the more effective ones contain strong stimulants such as pseudo-ephedrine and caffeine which act primarily as an appetite suppressant and can cause severe reactions such as headaches, insomnia, palpitations, etc. to name just a few.

However, if you’re still not convinced, we’ll leave you with just one more thought.  If they were all so good, so effective and stood up to the most rigorous scrutiny by science, then why – without exception – do they all say


 * this link will take you to a website where you can work out how many calories you burn off during various activities 

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