If you feel you should diet but can’t be bothered, here are 10 thoughts to Muffinmake you feel better

  1. If you eat something and no one sees you, then the food has no calories.
  2. When you eat with someone else, the calories don’t count if they eat more than you.
  3. If you drink diet cola and a chocolate bar; the diet cola cancels the calories in the chocolate bar
  4. Broken biscuits contain no calories; the process of breaking causes calorie leakage.
  5. Food used for medical purposes never counts; eg cheesecake as an anti-depressant, hot chocolate for relaxation or brandy for fortification.
  6. It’s recommended that you fatten everyone up so you look slimmer.
  7. Food licked off cutlery or out of a bowl has no calories if you are following a recipe; eg butter icing on a cake; the remains of a scone mixture or the cream off the top of a trifle.
  8. TV and Cinema food contains no calories as they are part of the entertainment package.
  9. Foods of the same colour have the same calories; eg mushrooms & white chocolate, spinach & mint ice cream, water & a large gin and tonic.
  10. Athletes eat huge amounts of pasta before a race like the marathon.  It’s a myth that you have to run 26 miles to work it off.  One brisk trot around the settee is sufficient to wipe out a bowl of spaghetti.  Twice round the living room will use up so much energy that a chocolate bar is required to supplement your sugar levels and rebuild your strength.

Courtesy of H Lloyd JonesMachovka_ice_cream_cup

Try the above for 12 weeks and then ring us; because you’ll need to!

Good luck (and see you soon)

Ann Hirst

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