At Get Physical our individually tailored nutritional plans are founded on common sense and based on our years of experience of just what works in the real world

We provide

  • Sensible, lifestyle-based eating plans
  • Meal planning around your favourite foods
  • Avoid plateaus and maintain high metabolic rate
  • Full support, including online accountability

We always look at the bigger, ‘Lifestyle Picture’, not just the daily snapshot.  We sit down and discuss together what foods you like to eat and then provide the best options and alternatives within each food group.

We avoid banning any particular foods (if possible) but we will tell you what will definitely help you to achieve your aims and what will hinder them, showing you how to put it all into proper context with the rest of your diet and activity levels.

Our plans are also designed to maintain as high a metabolic rate as possible, this way you’ll be able to make the consistent changes to your lifestyle and diet that will allow you to make great progress and avoid the plateaus and pitfalls that beset a ‘one-size-fits-all general plan.

Regardless of your needs, we offer our complete support for your efforts and we’ll even take you to the supermarket to help you make the right food choices if required.

Another option to keep you on track is to help you set up an online food diary app, such as MyFitnesspal.  Apps such as these allow us to regularly check on your calorie/food intake and then we can offer support and advice via text or the apps’ message board.   This type of help and accountability has become a vital motivational tool for many clients.

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