• Weights programmes for all abilities
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Olympic weights up to 250kg, dumbbells from 1-40kg
  • Power racks, multi-gym, smith press and other heavy duty equipment
  • One-off packages for tutorials, programme design service and more

We’ve been helping both men and women for over 30 years to develop their physiques using both free and machine-based weights programmes.

In fact, it’s while we were bodybuilding ourselves that we first developed our ‘Train Smarter, Not Harder’ principles of getting fantastic results for the least effort expended and in the shortest time possible. Designing a weights programme is something we can say without exaggeration that we excel at.

Our gym is fully equipped for any form of weight training: bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, fitness and toning, etc. with Olympic barbells and weights up to 250kg, dumbbells up to 40kg and a full complement of power stations, multi-gym, heavy duty benches, etc.

We work at every level from competitive bodybuilding to simply improving muscle tone.  You can train on a regular, long-term basis with us or just have a programme rewrite and it’s probably worth checking out some of our testimonials and gallery to see some of the world class athletes that we work with.

For a FREE CONSULTATION or FREE TASTER SESSION to come and meet us and see how we can help, just call on 0114 2666433 or click on the button below for more contact options

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