Successful and lasting weight loss is more about lifestyle change, rather than just dieting and short-term deprivation.   Where possible we try to avoid hard, low-calorie diets because this can cause your metabolic rate to drop, which then slows fat burning to a snail’s pace and can even lead to increased fat gain at a later time.

We provide

  • Lifestyle planning for permanent weight loss and inch reduction
  • Personalised eating plans that avoid plateaus, cravings and lack of energy
  • Calorie-cycling, faster weight loss plans for that special occasion

Weight loss is a rather general term and at Get Physical we always aim for specifically targeting fat loss and dropping the inches, rather than simply just losing weight.  Unless you participate in a sport that has weight restrictions, then how your clothes fit and how you look in the mirror is more important than simply what the bathroom scales tell you.  If you aim for fat and inch loss then you automatically look toned and tight but simply losing weight can leave you still looking soft and flabby – what we call a thin/fat person or TOFI (Thin Outside Fat Inside).

Therefore, we design our eating plans to work as closely as possible with the foods that you enjoy, ensuring that you’re making the best food choices possible (within limits) whilst still losing the inches and maintaining energy levels and a high metabolic rate.

If necessary, we can also offer short-term, rapid weight loss plans if you have a special event or holiday coming up or even if you simply want to kick-start your long-term fat loss plan but we will always tell you that this is only ever a short-term option and not a permanent solution.

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