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With the advent of the internet and some fantastic, easily available technology, you no longer need to physically come to us. We can now do everything online, including consultations, training and dietary advice, programmes, meal plans, etc. We can even keep track of your activity levels and see what you eat in real-time if you wish.


It doesn’t matter if you can get to us or not, we can offer our full support online to help you achieve your goals. What can we offer?

What I get with Ann Hirst is not just a personal workout but also a personal service – a tailor-made, intensely personalised programme – not just on a physical level, but on the psychological and emotional levels as well.

Sally T


Phone calls are okay for consultations, chats and advice, but it’s often better to see someone face to face. This makes it more personal and friendly. We can use whatever app you prefer:

  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Google hangouts


We fully understand that once left to your own devices it can be hard to keep on track. It’s one thing, in theory, to know what to eat and how to train but it’s often another when it comes to the application of your carefully thought-out plans. However, with the advent of new technology, we can always be at your side.


Using a variety of free apps and low-cost wearables, we can keep track of your food intake and daily activity. You simply set up an account with the relevant provider (don’t worry, we can often set this up for you) and allow us to share the data. This means that we are constantly with you, offering help, hints, tips, suggestions and reminders to make sure that you stay on track.


Throughout our books and blog, we will constantly tell you how pointless it can be to count calories. However, it’s not the calories that are the issue, it’s the way they are measured in relation to human metabolism. Unfortunately, slavishly following standard calorie calculations are often why many diets fail. This is because the calculations – based solely on your age, weight, gender and possibly activity – are only an average and can be up to forty percent out. Note: If your calories are out by as little as 100 calories per day (the equivalent of a couple of plain biscuits) that adds up to nearly 40,000 calories per year. That’s about ten pounds (5kg) of fat. To improve the accuracy of your energy expenditure, other important factors need to be considered as well:

  • Daily activity
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep patterns
  • Recent diet history

As you lose weight you need fewer calories (and your metabolism slows down) All the above can have a considerable influence your metabolic rate but our simple to fill in, online lifestyle profile will allow us to consider these factors. Then we use some sophisticated software and our years of experience to calculate a more reliable and accurate daily calorie requirement. Also, we can amend the calculation as your diet progresses to keep reflecting the true amount. This is absolutely vital to make continuous progress and avoid the dreaded ‘weight-loss-plateau’.


Apart from designing a bespoke, written training programme, we can provide a personalised instructional video programme of the exercises that you need to undertake. We can carefully explain each exercise and how to perform it correctly. Then, once loaded onto a suitable device: phone, tablet, laptop, etc., simply play it whilst you work out and you’ll have the confidence to know that you are performing each exercise properly.

Sorry, we can’t reinvent the wheel, but we can make sure you’ve got the right set of tyres!  Paul & Ann

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