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Dump the Diets, Ditch the Scales, Drop the Inches


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Okay, so you’ve decided you want to lose weight.

But then there are the questions: what do I eat, and when do I eat it?  Do I count calories? What about cutting out carbs or fat? Should I fast or graze – or both?  

Why does it all seem so unnecessarily difficult?

Well, this book has the answers.

Personal trainers and nutritionists, Paul Lonsdale and Ann Hirst have spent their lives helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.   Their simple no-nonsense approach to losing weight is a welcome and refreshing change to the over-complicated and confusing world of dieting.

In their brand-new book, Dump the Diets, Ditch the Scales, Drop the Inches they will show that a good diet doesn’t need to be complicated to see fantastic results

If you really want to get in great shape, then you really need to read this book – it’s got all the important stuff you need to know about losing weight.


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