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Winning the Inch War


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Another day, another new diet.  Maybe this time it’s fasting or keto?  Maybe it’s back to counting calories again or maybe you’re going to juice yourself thin?  Maybe, it’s yet another near-death experience at the gym to look forward to.

Maybe all of this is unnecessary; maybe, just maybe, it’s time to step back from the new and try something old, something called common sense.

In Winning the Inch War, straight-talking, weight-loss and fitness experts, Paul Lonsdale and Ann Hirst will show how their simple no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

Maybe it’s your first diet, or maybe it’s your fiftieth, but if you want to finally rid yourself of your unwanted wobbly-bits – and get in the best shape of your life – then this is the book for you.


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