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We could entice you to download our free Five-in-one Plan with attention-grabbing promises of losing 25lbs of fat in just 25 days. We could say that you can eat what you want and still lose weight.
We could claim it’s the absolute, ultimate, best fat -loss plan in the world. But we won’t. Why? Because we know better (and we don’t tell lies).
Between us, Ann and I have spent over seventy years in the health and fitness industry. So, it’s no false modesty to say that we know a thing or two about diet and exercise. We know that there is nothing new; that all diets follow the same principle: reducing calorie intake to less than expenditure.

It doesn’t matter how it’s packaged, that’s what happens. And ours is no different. We know that you can’t reinvent the wheel – you can only change the tyre.

The trick is to make sure you’ve the right set of tyres for the journey.

Five ways – one goal: You, but better

Our Five-in-one Plan is not complicated
• We show you five proven and effective methods that really work
• You apply them five days per week 
• You pick five nutritious and tasty meals per day, including super snacks and delicious desserts, from our brilliant menu of over thirty meals (and you can find more on our website HERE)
It’s that easy. 

We were here first

Now, you may have looked at the title of this plan and thought that we’ve simply ripped-off the 5:2 diet. But we haven’t. In truth, we’ve been applying these techniques far longer than Dr Mosely, the original author of the 5:2-style Diets. So possibly, we could claim he took our idea.
But that wouldn’t really be true either.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) and calorie cycling diets such as this have been around for over forty years. We’ve simply applied and adapted it over the years to suit our clients.

Make no mistake, the 5:2 Diet works very well – it just doesn’t work very quickly. Neither is it very flexible: you’re either on the diet for the day or you’re not. It’s an all or nothing diet – if you miss that day, your diet has failed.
Our way is certainly quicker and it’s more flexible to fit in with your life.

And it’s often the rigidity of a diet that’s the root cause of its failure.

Ideal for a short-term goal

It’s not designed to be a long-term plan, for that you should read our other books.  But it should produce some fantastic results in four to six weeks. It’s perfect for upcoming holidays, weddings, shifting some weight before the excess of Christmas or kick-starting your New Year Resolutions.
It’s absolutely, utterly free.  Download it now, read it, try it or keep for a time when you may need it.  
If nothing else, even if you’re not dieting checkout the menu – you may find it useful.  
Keep up the fight and win the inch war
Kind regards,
Paul & Ann
About Ann & Paul

Authors, personal trainers and nutritionists, Paul Lonsdale and Ann Hirst have spent their lives the health and fitness Industry. Their straight-talking, common sense approach to getting in shape is a welcome change in a world overflowing with myths, misconceptions and magic tricks.
Theirs is a practical world and as such they only deal in workable  solutions. 

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