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Sorry, but we’re not big fans of before and after pictures on our website and you’ll notice that we don’t use them to promote our business.  Why not, you may wonder, when everyone else does?

Well, there are three, basic reasons:

  1. As a client, we respect your privacy and we’re fairly sure you don’t want your unwanted wobbly-bits on display for the world to see (and in most ‘before’ shots, the person seems to be having a really bad hair-day!)
  2. The ‘after’ shot is good but an ‘after-the-after’ shot, i.e., one taken about a year later would be more impressive to see if the person is still the same.
  3. Finally, and most importantly: you are coming to us for our help, not to provide some free marketing and promote our business for us.

(Incidentally, if a client wants before and after shots, we’re happy to oblige but we generally use the client’s camera and never put them on public display.)

Regardless, here are just a few of our clients that we’ve worked with over the years.

Elizabeth Henstridge

Thank you for the most brilliant summer of training.  I have enjoyed it so much and learnt more than I ever thought I would!  Your passion and your style is infectious and I have loved getting to know you both.  Voices like yours need to be heard more in this crazy world of fad diets and big promises.

You have changed my workout world for the infinite better!!  I wish I could take you back to LA, or maybe I’ll just pitch that we can film in Sheffield – BRILLIANT

Elizabeth Henstridge, (Agent Jemma Simmons, Marvel’s AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D)

Rob Staton

I first contacted Paul & Ann in 2015 because I wanted to get stronger and gain muscle. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The private setting at the gym means you get proper 1-on-1 guidance and support. My diet is so much better thanks to their advice and expertise and I’ve completely changed my body shape.

Rob Staton
Sports presenter

Mark Gorman

As a doctor who has always taken my sport and fitness seriously, I was looking for someone who understood weight training from its 1st principles in terms of nutrition, physiology and anatomy. After hearing of Paul’s reputation (he lectured nutrition at Hallam university) I started training with him a year ago.

Having come across a lot of trainers and coaches who clearly don’t understand the biology and biochemistry of fitness it was a breath of fresh air to be taught by someone who did. Through many interesting discussions while training I managed to clear up much of the confusion I had and Paul has confirmed many of the myths that I suspected, given my medical background, to indeed be false (purported to be true by many less knowledgeable and not to be named/shamed trainers!).

While training with Paul I have made consistent gains, reached the fitness goals I wanted to achieve and made a friend who is always available for free advice and tips outside of scheduled sessions.

Dr Mark Gorman

Delroy Galloway

I have been training on and off with weights for a number of years, and like many others, I have had some varying degrees of success.

In 2005 I attended a Natural Bodybuilding contest and the physiques that were presented on stage were the inspiration that I was seeking and I wanted to compete against them. Having set this goal I now needed to plan how I was going to achieve it? I found a number of people willing to give advice, some good, some bad and some people holding on to knowledge like a closely guarded government secret.  Fortunately, I met Paul Lonsdale and Ann Hirst who own and run Get Physical at Hunters Bar in Sheffield.

Through Paul’s knowledge of supplements and foods, he constructed a diet plan to enable me to shed pounds and maintain muscle mass. On June the 4th at Holmfirth Civic Hall I competed in the Yorkshire NPA Natural Bodybuilding contest, placed first in the novice category against ten other competitors and was awarded a trophy for the best first timer on stage. During the preparation for the contest,

Paul’s advice was invaluable to me and I am sure that my condition would not have been what it was without Paul’s advice. I will now compete again in October in the NPA British Finals. Once again I will be relying on Paul’s advice and support to improve on the condition that enabled me to achieve my personal weight loss goals and win the Yorkshire NPA title.

If you, like me and many others need advice and support that you can rely on I call in to see Paul or Ann at Get Physical. You will find friendly, honest and reliable advice that will enable you to achieve your goals as I did mine.

Delroy Galloway
Fireman and NPA British and European Champion – Yorkshire NPA Novice Champion

Jonathan Hall

My name is Jonathan Hall. I am a member of the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Team, former Captain of the Gold Medallist under 23 teams and a level 2 gym instructor.

Paul and Ann have both been a massive help to me reaching my goals. Their knowledge of different types of training from weights, cardio and also boxing has been a major part of my success, especially in the early stages of my career. Although I regularly have to train at the English Institute of Sports facility, I still come to them to do boxing, fitness and weight training sessions whenever I can. I sometimes just call in to have a chat, where I always end up learning something new – a new exercise, supplement or nutritional advice.

Over the years I have learned so much from them. I am sure that any future clients of theirs will be able to reach any goals they have set with the help of the best two trainers possible.

Jonathan Hall
Wheelchair Paralympian Basketball Team, OLYMPIC GB

Just a note from us: congratulations on a fantastic performance in the 2012 Paralympics – pipped at the post for bronze but you did us all proud!

Sally T

I have been training with Ann Hirst at Get Physical for about 8 years. I have a very stressful job and a weight issue to match. I didn’t get this weight issue overnight; nor do I now expect to solve it overnight. What training with Ann is helping me to do is to tackle the issue far more realistically and ultimately, more effectively. And has also helped me to do is to be far less tortured about the whole issue of stress, comfort eating and weight management; because that is what training at Get Physical is for me: not a magic answer, not a miracle, but a realistic way of managing both the physical and the emotional aspects of fitness and weight loss.

Ann and her partner Paul Lonsdale are an unusual pair: They are not just immensely experienced and knowledgeable but they both have advanced qualifications from the ‘university of life’.  They are also exceptionally good at the nutritional angle – if you want them to be. They are also open to any way in which a client wishes to set and achieve their goals.

Where Ann and Paul score, and where, in my book, they will keep my loyalty, is in taking the medium to long-term view. Boot camp is all very well; ditto short-term quick fixes. This training has lasted, and become part of my mindset. And that kind of habit is one that has stuck.

I have known for a long time that what I get with Ann Hirst is not just a personal workout but also a personal service. The other great thing about Ann and Paul is that for different reasons they have, whilst overall being breathtakingly fit people, had their own human struggles and overcome them. They don’t judge you (although they do tell it straight !). Thinking of the way in which Paul shows people his own ‘before and after’ pictures is what enabled me after more than one absence to get back into the gym.

So if you want something very different from the usual fitness blah, superficial gym bunnies and the cheating low-fat, low-cal, high sugar dissatisfaction, I would thoroughly recommend them.

Sally T

Victoria I

I came to Ann and Paul after years of injuries, back problems and inactivity. I was at the point of desperation, barely mobile, in chronic pain and in a very sorry state.

What can I say, they did not judge me or look at me as something to be pitied or ridiculed for being overweight and very unfit, they were great, especially at the point when I burst into tears at how bad things were.
Unlike the Dr who had given up on me and was talking about ways to manage my condition and pain, Ann did not and would judge from the way I got out of my car and walked into the gym what level of training I needed that day, tailoring every session to my needs at that time, so sessions ranged from yoga stretches, resistance tube and weights, core strengthening workouts or aerobic circuits and boxing.

Ann and Paul offer far far more than a ‘gym facility’ they offer help, support and friendship to everyone that walks through their door but don’t get me wrong they will make you train and they will make you train hard, but not in any way that can be considered to be anything but healthy and supportive, there is no screaming or shouting at clients here.

Ann and Paul offer a first-rate service that can not be matched in the Sheffield area, I do not consider my gym sessions with them to be a luxury I think of them as a necessity and no matter what else comes and goes I always maintain my sessions. Whatever your needs Ann and Paul will be able to help you, they do not promise miracle cures or overnight weight loss sensations, they do not need you to have the latest fashion wear, but they will offer you 100% common sense and support and a way to change your fitness and health levels for life.

Thanks for everything guys.

Victoria I

Losing weight means you’ll look good in clothes. Training means you’ll look good naked!  Paul & Ann

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